Open Platform

Research project and workshop. January 2017 – present

A series of critical interventions into the discourse of somatic practice, taking place across open workshops.

“Who set the rules? Glad Timber & Battery are there to question?”
– Chris Dugrenier, participant and artist

The Warm Up, shared at OpenLab, Chisenhale Dance Space, London. January 2017. 

Participants: Anna Robson, Rosamond Martin, Mil Vukovic Smart, Antonio de la Fe. 

Credit_ Anna Robson.jpg

Photo credit: Anna Robson

Wall text graphic by Antonio de la Fe, pdf here:



What are the gestures of sensation?shared at Groundwork, Decoda, Coventry. February 2017. 

Participants: Mary Grigg, Sebastian Hau-Walker, Chris Dugrenier, Angelika Mizińska

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Wall text as wall text graphic:

wall text graphic